A face that marked the AB generations. In the 1990s, Mallaury Nataf was revealed to the public in Le Miel et les Abeilles by playing Lola Garnier on TF1. A popular sitcom role she took to the screen between 1992 and 1994.

Before the end of the series, Mallaury Nataf was talked about on the youth set of the Jacky Show. At that time when she sang her hit Fleur Sauvage, the artist created controversy by appearing in a skirt, but without underwear. Despite this controversy, the actress had attempted a return to fiction by appearing in the casting of Under the sun. But, after a few episodes, she prefers to leave the series and will be replaced by Tonya Kinzinger.

More discreet in the 2000s, Mallaury Nataf attempted a return to the spotlight by participating in season 2 of La Ferme Celebrities (on TF1) in favor of a charity association. Eliminated in the first week of the game, the actress made brief media appearances on TV and in the cinema, attending a few social evenings. “Before and after ‘La ferme celebrities 2’ in 2005, I also did a lot of short films, underground, gothic, crazy stuff, including one where I killed myself with nail polish. I’m a bit special ‘, she mentioned without filter to the Parisian in 2019.

However, it is in the section of the various facts that the ex-glory of the Dorothée years makes speak because of his personal setbacks in the years 2010. Faced with our colleagues, the actress had assured wanting to go up the slope. “I have been housed for three years. I live with a science fiction writer. I continue to receive small rights, 24 years after ‘Le Miel et les Abeilles’, my mother helps me financially – it’s the only one that I kept in my entourage – and I took the RSA”.

In 2019, producer Jean-Luc Azoulay gave him his new chance by taking over the role of Lola in The Mysteries of Love on TMC. After a brief stint on the screen, Mallaury Nataf would be on the street again, according to the recent testimony of Mehdi, ex-candidate of Beijing Express, guest in Touche pas à mon poste in January 2022. A look back at the media years of the ex-actress through our slideshow.