“Musik Audition in Rimouski will have made me a real music lover. A top quality independent record store, this little shop offers a very diverse range of records, which allowed me to discover Neil Young, Carcass and Pat Metheny! For at least a year, I was going to buy myself a CD a week under the good advice of Bernard, the owner, or one of the employees. For me, it was pure happiness to go to this record store. I owe a lot to this business. »

“The area code, in Laval. Records up to the ceiling, smell and old vinyl records everywhere… Since 1978, I believe. The owner is a connoisseur. You can even listen to the records on record players. »

“For me, L’Oblique record store in Montreal has been a big part of expanding my vinyl collection and broadening my palette of musical tastes. It was through a friend that I was able to discover this store, whose first visit dates back to Record Store Day in 2014. Since that time, I have become a regular customer and Luc Bérard (owner du commerce) introduced me to many artists from all eras, from Van der Graaf Generator to Godspeed You! Black Emperor (via David Sylvian, Talking Heads, Peter Gabriel and Peter Hammill). With Luc and his entire team, I have always had friendly and personalized service for the many new and used vinyl orders. Without forgetting of course the technician Chris who worked on my Marantz channel and whose result is simply incredible! In addition, I had the opportunity to participate in many Record Store Days at L’Oblique, where many independent local artists came to perform on site in an acoustic format. I bought some of their albums on the spot to encourage the artists and the shop. […] As Luc says so well every time I leave the store with my harvest of vinyl: good listening! »

“Bernard from Audition Musik in Rimouski. In the early 2000s, I started to listen to more and more music and, above all, to frequent Audition Musik more and more often. When I first became a street vendor, most if not all of my bi-weekly pay went to buying records, my Christmas and holiday gifts were gift certificates to that same store, and Boxing Day was the time to year I could walk away with almost 20 records. Among these 20 records there was everything, but especially the suggestion of Bernard, a record store present from my first purchases and who carefully monitored (and still monitors) each of my purchases in the year to be able to make the best recommendation. possible. If sometimes he took great risks in what he advised me, I trusted him and my musical horizons developed. Since I’ve been in Quebec, my visits to Audition Musik have been a kind of mini-pilgrimage and I always hope to run into Bernard for another piece of advice. I still place orders and sometimes the response is like, “We ordered some, Bernard was just thinking you’d like to have that one, too!” Thank you, Bernard, for all these recommendations and this desire to introduce me to new artists. »