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The Dufour 34 Deep Blue 2.0 of the Real Club Náutico de Vigo, led by Vicente Cid, was the winner this Saturday in Bayonne on the second day of the 45th Earl of Gondomar, which is held these days in the Rias Baixas, under the organization of the Monte Real Club de Yates.

Despite the fact that the wind was to beg in the first few minutes, forcing a postponement that delayed up to forty minutes to the scheduled departure time, once the fleet left the bay of Baiona towards the Camouco, all developed with a lot of agility. The climb to Ons was very quick and the descent back, except for a temporary drop of the wind, it was a real correcalles.

The Salseiro of Manuel Blanco (RCN la Coruña), the Deep Blue of Vicente Cid (RCN Vigo), the Mockery of Black Juan Jose Martinez (CN Castrelo), the Fend la Bise Jean-Claude Sarrade (MRCYB) and the Unus of Luis Garcia Wheat (MRCYB) were the fastest during the tour, standing always in the lead, and quite a distance from the rest of the fleet.

The coruñeses of the Salseiro (Dehler 44), first to reach the Camouco to the three and four of the afternoon, two and a half hours after leaving Bayonne, and crossed the finish line at 16:31, by signing something over 27 miles of distance of the test in less than four hours.

they Were the fastest to complete the distance but have not achieved the first position in the classification affected by the compensation times, which favored the Dufour 34 Deep Blue and Mockery Black, both of náutico vigo, first and second in the provisional classification.

In the third position will Fend la Bise Jean-Claude Sarrade, the Monte Real Club de Yates, another of the boats that will come to the final day with a chance of a podium finish if he manages to embroider barlosotas, that everything points to will be very close.

In the competition of the J80, the Uproar of John Ameneiro, with the champion of Spain Javier Aguado on board, was the fastest among the monotypes of 8 meters, crossing the finish line at 16:48 and making out the rest for some minutes. In second position was the Tiresome Fernando Yáñez and Miudo of Sergio Coup was the third. All are part of the fleet’s usual J80 of the Monte Real Club de Yates.

In the classification in real time of the Fígaros, which also compete in offset with the ORCs, the provisional podium was formed by the Bouvento Leopoldo Llorente, who is in the lead followed by the Serralleiras of Patrick Beam and the Tutatis of Augustine Marquina, in second and third position respectively.

After the conclusion of the second day of the trip around the coast, only are already to celebrate the last two tests of the competition, which will be much more technical, with routes of between buoys of the type windward leeward. Will be played tomorrow, Sunday, starting at noon in the anchorage of the Cíes Islands and from them will come the final classification final.

Next to the Deep Blue, the winner of the regatta today, comes leader the outcome of this new edition of Count the Magical of Julio Rodriguez, winner of the first stage until the Carrumeiro Boy, held last Friday. The Swan 42 of the Real Club Náutico de Vigo is placed in head after you have managed to overcome in time offset to the Yess Too of the Portuguese Rui Ramada, which was the winner in real-time by just two minutes apart with vigo.

The pattern of the Magical, Julio Rodriguez, is destined for a final closely contested and exciting, as she said, it was the journey up to the rock of Corcubión. is “Disputamos a race very hard against some very strong opponents, with lots of wind and lots of wave. It was the first that we made with the Magical, and has proven to be a very fast boat and can defend well the high rating it has”, said the leader of the Swan 42, who also explained that they were about to move to the Yess Too, but a break of the spy when they were coming in Cies prevented them from overcoming the Portuguese.

once the end of the competition tomorrow, Sunday, the Monte Real Club de Yates, organizer of the competition, will host in its facilities the delivery of prizes to the winners. It will be attended by the president and commodore of the club, José Luis Álvarez and Ignacio Sánchez Otaegui; and several representatives of Banco Sabadell, sponsor of the event. Present will be José Manuel Vieites, director of SabadellGallego; Pepe Celada, director Banca Privada Galicia Sur Banco Sabadell; the director of large companies of Southern Galicia, Ramon Correa, and Adolfo García-Ciaño, regional director of Banco Sabadell.