hundreds of Thousands of Belgians in the past couple of days, a text message is sent to the sick baby’s Movements, send it in. Those who did not, it was Maggie De Block, however, responsible to the minister of Health. The Latest News is she says that she has no text message will be sent.

There is not an issue with the Belgians last week, so been busy and has a lot of baby’s Movements. The little girl is suffering from the incurable disease of SMA. The other drug Zolgensma would give her life to completely change. But it is so expensive, one treatment in which Pia is required, the cost of 1.9 million euros.

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that’s a huge amount of to get started are the parents of Pia and is a major text messaging campaign. More than 900,000 Belgians wanted to be the girl’s support, and sent a text message. In a few days time, so it is necessary to collect money taken and Links to her treatment.

But the prime minister, Maggie De Block (Open VLD) did not come up with it. In an interview with The News, she explains why she is not texting you’re sending it. “I can do it, if the minister is not the action of a specific patient’s illness. If I do it that way, then there will be tomorrow’s parents, to ask them why I have them, nothing to do.”

And the second is The Block in which they minister, and more useful things you can do for the children, as a Pia than sending text messages. “May I remind you that we will be there about a year ago, after a mind-blowing process have been able to do the first medicine for SMA to obtain a refund like that?”

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Fundraiser for the baby’s Movements, you need to success: telcos are jumping into the breach, and do not charge a fee to
find out More about the Baby’s Movements, and The conflict doesn’t stop at the Links: also, these children and their families fight against rare diseases and the huge bills with Calls from the parents of a baby Links to farmareus continue to go unanswered: “if Necessary, I will write a letter to the chairman of The Block, speaks to pharmaceutical company against “Drug in man may be, however, free of charge, “As well as that, Links to treatment in some countries”