the brand new world champion Mads Pedersen to appear on Saturday (October 5) at the start of the 79th Eurométropole Tour and the 1.(BC). The Table will be located between La Louvière and Office have the title of 2018 and beyond to defend them, as confirmed to the team to Pull-Segafredo on Tuesday.

After the Eurométropole Tour, and the former Franco-Belge, providing a Pedersen, to Italy. There, he was part of the Tre Valli Varesine (1.B.C., on Tuesday the 8th of October), and Milano-Torino (1.BC, Wednesday, October 9). It will be the last two games of the season.

“I can’t believe I did it!”, says Pedersen, two days after his surprising title in Yorkshire. “Of course, it’s very, very special, and for the first time to participate in my rainbow jersey. I am very happy with the jersey still to be able to demonstrate by the end of the season.”

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