The thieves to beat early in the Morning. Residents of terror from sleep. Chase the offender a cash machine in the air to get to the Bank notes inside. And, as so often, they escape undetected from the scene of the crime, this time in the Central Hessian town of Gießen. The vending machine is on the ground floor of a building that also houses apartments.

no one is Hurt in the act a few weeks ago, but: “The danger is immense,” says Jörg Reinemer, spokesman for the police headquarters Central Hesse with a view to the unpredictable consequences of a Detonation. The risk is particularly relevant to the offender, in individual cases, but also unrelated third parties. Fortunately, it is usually lightly: known to The police, it was approximately in the year 2017, not a single case of injuries.

In the ending year of 2018, passed hardly a week that is not somewhere in Germany, there is a device in the air flew or a detonation was at least trying to. “After a slight decline in the year 2017, with 268 cases, we expect for the year 2018, with a new maximum and a minimum of 350 cases,” according to the Federal criminal police office (BKA) in Wiesbaden.

offender only in one third of cases of prey

From January to October, the BKA reported a total of 311 deeds, the thieves were only able to make in 122 cases, prey. In casting the offender fled without the cash. Most of the offences were committed according to the preliminary Figures, in North Rhine-Westphalia, followed by lower Saxony, Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate and Berlin. How much loot is exactly the could make thieves, is unclear. It is a BKA report, but “in part considerable amounts of money”.

the action of the Criminal is similar: vending machines, transport are conveniently located. So you can flee quickly on Federal roads or highways. The offender like to do with powerful cars and reckless driving, such as Reinemer told. In the police headquarters in molding the investigation to all in the state of Hesse has committed ATMs-attacks. The officials believe that the thieves “with high probability” to organized crime. A large part of the band, act, work piece, and very professional.

however, the thieves are taking a great risk: For their deeds you typically use a gas to calculate the explosive force. “Often, an explosion is not progressing as hoped,” reported police spokesman Reinemer. Then the power is not enough, the vending machines aufzuknacken. Or the force of the Detonation is not so large that they only destroyed the device, but also the building consequences. In casting, a fire broke out as a result of the Explosion, the fire Department had to delete it.