Tragic Discovery in Indonesia: Woman Found Inside Python’s Belly

Indonesia: a woman swallowed by a python in South Sulawesi. On Thursday, June 6th, a mother of four residing in the village of Kalempang disappeared while out for a walk in the forest. Alerted, the residents of South Sulawesi province, located in central Indonesia, immediately began the search. Her husband, Noni, found some of Farida’s personal belongings in the woods. The following day, a python approximately five meters long with a particularly swollen belly was spotted. Several villagers helped capture the snake, stated Suardi Rosi, the village chief of Kalempang. Upon opening the snake’s stomach, they unfortunately discovered the victim’s body, confirming her tragic death.

Exceptionally Long Snakes
Reticulated pythons (Malayopython reticulatus) are known for their impressive size, averaging over 6 meters in length and capable of reaching up to 9 meters. This species holds the record for length among snakes. In 1912, on the same island of Sulawesi, a reticulated python nearly 10 meters long, the longest ever discovered, was captured. These snakes primarily inhabit the tropical forests of Southeast Asia and feed on mammals such as monkeys and pigs. Unlike its neighboring countries, Indonesia has not seen a decrease in the python population with urban development.

How Pythons Attack Their Prey
Equipped with dozens of sharp teeth, pythons first bite their prey and then coil around their bodies until they suffocate them. Subsequently, they proceed to swallow them whole. Digestion can take several weeks. Incidents where pythons attack humans are rare but occur from time to time. The last recorded case was last year in the Tinnangea district (Indonesia), where a farmer was eaten by an eight-meter python. Since 2017, five deaths due to python attacks have been reported in Indonesia. In response to these tragedies, local authorities have intensified warnings and precautionary measures for residents living near the habitats of these snakes. “This has never happened before in our village. We have warned everyone to be careful when wandering in the woods,” expressed the village chief.