on the occasion of the death of the opera singer, Jessye Norman, last week, he told Maaike Cafmeyer in By Vlaeminck at the radio station Studio Brussel about the barriers that you, as a female artist, however, must be overcome, just as the Norman’s had to do it. As an example, the mind-blowing event, in which her role was rejected because she was too old, while Cafmeyer is exactly the same age as the character in respect of which they are too old.

“most recently, last week, to be more precise, I’m in a role, be denied that, for me, it was written,” says Maaike Cafmeyer in By Vlaeminck. “It was going to be a woman of 45, but in the end I declined because I was too old for a woman from 45 to play. I’m 45.”

Cafmeyer, wanted in the death of an opera singer Jessye Norman was aware of her admiration for the woman, but the conversation went further on the constraints that female actresses have to: the color of the skin, or in the case of Cafmeyer especially in old age.

After the story about the rejected role, which is soon followed by a second example in which the strange situation in which the female actress can sometimes end up clear: “I have been in the series, ” She played. When I was 29, I had a woman from 39 to play. And that was because I had a daughter 15, and a daughter of 15, was played by an actress who is 25 years old.”

When Stu, ask her if she thinks that men are less affected than are women, the answer Cafmeyer know: “I like to think that it is really more quickly in women than in men. You have got to the limit where you have at a certain moment in time is not very attractive is it. And that is a bit heavy, but you’re like, ‘alé, all of them are 45 all around me, yet they do not kill suddenly? It is full of women of about 45, and 50 years from now!”

it is, however, that they don’t want to complain, because they did not immediately bother to roll to find it. However, she points out, however, on the issue. “There’s a segment of women aged between 40 and 50 years of age that is difficult to be located. You’re not a grandma, but you’re no longer sexually attractive to be found. You can be an intellectual, so little memory. You can have a bag of botox ® in syringes, but then I am a ‘45, with a bag of botox’! And I don’t want to”, she laughs. “But there is still a great way to go, and I think it’s perfectly fine to be thinking about it.”

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