The voice is firm, determined. “This is crazy. This is not rational, ” says the wife of former president of Interpol, Meng Hongwei, in a room in the basement of a hotel in lyon. The piece has been chosen with the validation of his body-guard. The one that gets to call Grace Meng in English is now only to Lyon with her two children of 7 years old. Her husband was arrested during a stay in China, at the end of September. Ms. Meng denounces today the situation of human rights in his country, seeming to ignore the fact that her husband, vice-minister of the interior since 2004, has been so much a part of this system : “It has shocked the entire planet. Nobody can imagine why they do these things, crazy, cruel, dirty. “

The family Meng moved to Lyon just two years. China had to get one of his first positions at the head of an international organization. The president of Interpol is a post as prestigious as useful, in the midst of the campaign to hunt down fugitive overseas chinese. The organisations for the defence of human rights, including Amnesty International, are concerned about then to see an authoritarian State to take such a function. The wife of Meng Hongwei follows with their twin.

and Then arrives the fall of 2018. The world returns to the family Meng, trapped by the repressive system of chinese : the officials who were to stop were arrested in their turn. Meng Hongwei, in travel and work in China, sends a message to his wife on WhatsApp, on 25 September : “Deng wo dian” (” wait for my call “). And, a little later, an emoticon representing a dagger, a sign that he is in danger.

Grace Meng is in contact with the French police, because she receives threats, including an anonymous call informing him that “the two teams had been sent” by the “chinese authorities” to ” address…