now, KV Mechelen to work Sunday night at Charleroi, and at his second ” home in five days. The Zebras are just like Malinwa in the top 6, so it is more than a fascinating tug-of-war with. The Carolo’s over the knee to Wouter Vrancken, again, on Gustav Engvall charge.

The Swedish sterkhouder had been since the second day in the barn. Engvall jewelry is more at the knee, at the celebration of his goal against Belgium. After a three-month-long rehabilitation to the attacking midfielder, again, in the selection process. Engvall has appeared last year with ten goals and seven assists in the tournament to sleutelpion was in 1A with a blistering start to the season. In the two games he had two goals and as many assists in the tournament.

the Surgery Lemoine

the bad news is, however, of Laurent Lemoine. The versatile defender went on Thursday to go under the knife, after a long-standing buikspierblessure. In principle, it may, after a period of two weeks in which to have the reconstruction begin. Van Cleemput, had, after the match against STVV last of the stairs, which he took. Basically, you can play on Saturday with the group for a workout.