Impact of Luxury Development on Businesses in Halifax

Business owners in Halifax are facing challenges due to a new residential-commercial development project in the Spring Garden Road area. Dexel, a local residential development company, is leading a mixed-use development that aims to revitalize the Spring Garden district with medical offices, commercial spaces, and over 300 luxury apartments. The project, known as Spring Garden West development, was approved by Halifax councillors in January.

Kong On Jean, the owner of Jean’s Chinese Restaurant, has been a fixture in the area for 20 years but is now at risk of losing his business due to the development. He expressed concerns about the potential closure of his establishment and the impact on his staff of 20 employees. Jean is unable to sell his restaurant space as buyers are deterred by the prospect of building demolition.

Similarly, Danielle Jakubiak, owner of Tin Drum Therapy, is facing uncertainty as her lease is set to expire in December. She anticipates increased expenses when relocating to a new office space. Despite the challenges, she remains confident in finding a suitable space to continue her practice.

Halifax Coun. Waye Mason acknowledged the disruption caused by the development but emphasized the need for additional housing units in the peninsula. While the change is difficult for affected businesses, Mason highlighted the long-term benefits of the development for the community.

As the landscape of Halifax evolves, business owners like Jean and Jakubiak are navigating the challenges posed by urban development while striving to maintain their operations in a changing environment. The impact of luxury developments on local businesses underscores the complex dynamics of urban growth and the need for community support in times of transition.