L’un des meilleurs jeux de l’univers est gratuit sur Nintendo Switch

Nintendo is offering a fantastic opportunity to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers by allowing them to play Hollow Knight for free. This is a must-play gem.

In a tweet posted on June 6, 2024, the Japanese company announced the temporary free availability of the video game Hollow Knight on the Switch. As part of their “Try Games” initiative, players can access the full game from June 6 to June 12 without any cost. This is not a demo.

However, there is a small condition to enjoy this offer: you must own a Nintendo Switch and be a subscriber to Nintendo Switch Online (which costs €19.99 per year and provides access to a variety of bonuses).

“Hollow Knight” // Source: Capture PS5
Dive into the darkness and explore the depths of a forgotten kingdom in Hollow Knight,” states the description of the video game developed by Team Cherry. This is not just any game. On the contrary, Hollow Knight is one of the best games in recent years, falling under the Metroidvania genre. Everything about it is exceptional: the storytelling, the artistic direction, the gameplay, the universe (both cute and eerie at the same time), and the level design. Hollow Knight has been available since 2017, but it’s never too late to discover it.

Players must be prepared for the challenge it presents, both in combat and exploration. Once you grasp these elements, you can fully enjoy everything Hollow Knight has to offer. Since the game is complete, you will have the opportunity to finish it without any issues: you have until June 12 to do so, which is more than enough time. If the atmosphere captivates you, you will undoubtedly want to spend hours playing in a short amount of time. Alternatively, it is on sale on the eShop for €7.49, instead of €14.99.

It’s worth noting that a sequel to Hollow Knight has been in the works for a very long time: titled Silksong, it was announced in 2019. Does this free trial on the Nintendo Switch hint at an announcement from Team Cherry during the Summer Game Fest? Apparently not. It’s a missed opportunity.

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