Lowest level since 1990: the tenant and the landlord are arguing less frequently – before the court


    in addition to cost, a mold, a rent increase: reasons for dispute between tenants and landlords, there are many. However, both sides meet less and less in court. In 226.933 procedures they were last year, before the judge, about 20,000 Times more rare than 2016. “Thus, the number of tenancy processes fell to the lowest level since reunification,” said the German tenants ‘ Association of the German press Agency.

    The number of processes is decreased since 1996, more than one-third, such as the Association vorrechnete citing the latest data from the Federal Statistical office. The tenants ‘ Association sees a reason in the legal advice offered by the tenant clubs. As in the previous year, in 2017, around 1.1 million people, the Council sought there. Again, 97 percent of the cases could be resolved out of court.

    increased and More owners

    Since the 1990s, but also the owner’s quota. This means that more people are living in your own four walls – tenancy disputes is excluded. 2014 lived, according to official Figures, 45.5 percent of the German owned, 1998, was 40.9 percent. Tenants ‘ associations also explain that tenancy reforms and the numerous judgments of the Federal court of justice defuses a lot of issues.

    In the consultancy, it’s all according to the tenants ‘ Association in every third case, the operating costs of billing, about half as often to housing defects. Already in third place, the rent increases, which led to nationwide 11.7%, nearly one in eight clients in the legal advice. Five years earlier the share was at 6.6 percent.