the duration of the episode can be boring. You know from the Bundesliga. So, every month, again, that unemployment is so low in decades, the citizens of the fast as a matter of course.

it’s only been 14 years, one in ten of Working-age in the state of Hesse was looking for a Job. Now there are less than half, in spite of immigration, refugee wave and the structural change for the Region, as important sectors such as the banks, the chemistry, and also in the retail sector. Even the long-term unemployed did not benefit from the duration of the boom, now find a job more easily. Their number declined after years of Stagnation in the past year, at least one-tenth.

Agenda against the matter of course

Some, of course, three poses great dangers. First of all, it is just that it goes on forever, and ignored warning signs to the contrary. For example, when recently the important metal – and electrical industry, published in Germany, a survey, according to which every Seventh in industry, expects the worse shops. Or if the Agency observed that the number of reported Vacancies has fallen significantly. This does not mean that a recession is coming. But the risk is growing.