Love is in the meadow is back on M6 for a 17th season. The launch of this new edition is scheduled for Monday August 22 at 9:10 p.m., with the broadcast of the first speed-datings. To make the faithful of the program wait, M6 published on social networks the meeting between a farmer and one of his suitors. On these first images, we discover Sébastien losing all his means in front of a very pretty young woman.

The 35-year-old Corsican castanéiculturist can no longer speak and seems bewitched by the gaze of his suitor. “He plunges his eyes into hers. He likes her!”, comments Karine Le Marchand backstage. Faced with the pig farmer who lives in an isolated village of barely thirty souls, Léa is not impressed: she says she wants to start a family and says she is ready to try the adventure.

Sébastien is one of 13 participants on the show this year: 9 men and 4 women. For the first time in the history of Love is in the meadow, a father and his daughter will try to find happiness, revealed Pure Media. Jean-Paul, 70, and Emmanuelle, 42, both winegrowers in the Grand Est, have decided to embark on this unique experience.

Even if combining filming and daily work has not been easy: “We manage to get organized, even if this extraordinary adventure takes us time. But we tell ourselves that it only happens once in a life”, says Emmanuelle to the Luxembourg daily newspaper. “We are not let loose in nature. Karine Le Marchand was adorable, just like the rest of the team. And we were able to meet the other farmers. We are already very close,” assure the two farmers.

Among the candidates for this season 17, viewers will also find a well-known face: that of Thierry, a winegrower in the South of France. The 65-year-old man had already participated in the M6 ​​show in 2015, marking the public with his joie de vivre and an expression that has become cult, “Coquin de fate!”. But the farmer had especially experienced a sentimental setback with Annie and her famous leopard outfits. “I chose badly. You choose glare but you shouldn’t look at that”, estimated Thierry in the new portrait released this year.

After a very difficult period where he even thought of ending it, Thierry is therefore making his comeback to finally find love. “We remained close, with Thierry. He was very accompanied by the former producer and the shrink of the dating show. Deep down in us, there was, I believe, guilt”, explained Karine Le Marchand to our colleagues from Télé Cable Sat. Indeed, Annie’s behavior towards the winegrower had particularly shocked the viewers. “Today it wouldn’t happen again. We would take the girl out of the program before the end. She was so hated because she made fun of Thierry and just wanted to be on TV that it served lesson”, says the facilitator.