Love is in the meadow (M6): these boorish candidates that we love to hate on the show


Who said all farmers were perfect? Every year since 2006, Love is in the meadow has welcomed around a hundred candidates in search of a soul mate. Hardened singles, separated or divorced, fathers or mothers, these men and women have marked the faithful of the program by their personality.

Among them, some candidates have found love with the woman (or man) of their life under the eyes of millions of viewers. For others, the art of seduction does not seem to be their strong point for flirting in the program. Unpleasant attitude, inappropriate remarks and heinous acts, we love to hate these candidates to whom we would award the palm of boorishness!

This year, several candidates from the show hosted by Karine Le Marchand have been talked about on social networks. Alain, the Breton farmer and dean of season 17, did not hesitate to fail his suitor Catherine because of her tattoos, preferring to continue the adventure with Marie-Ange. A disappointment for the candidate, shared by Internet users. “This guy is a cad, she hasn’t lost anything”, “Another someone who stops on the physical… Very bad as an argument”, can we read in the comments noted on Twitter.

When it’s not the physical, it’s the lack of gallantry that is not unanimous among the fans. Like this cult moment when Jean gave a fiery kiss to Laurence under the eyes of his rival Nathalie. “What I feared afterwards was the storm that was going to come behind because normally it shouldn’t have happened like that”, confided the breeder for Télé Loisirs before letting go. “I don’t regret it at all, you have to let nature take its course!”. Not sure fans are validating his behavior. “We call it a humiliation for Nathalie…”, “Well, not very delicate all the same Jean”, can we read on the social network.

Between bloodshed, misogynistic remarks and assumed machismo: these candidates for Love is in the meadow have achieved the feat of being hated by viewers. Here is an anthology of the worst cads and seducers of the show in our slideshow.