Love, campaign and marriage. Since the first season in 2005, Love is in the meadow has enabled a hundred farmers to find a soul mate. Supported in turn by Véronique Mounier, Alessandra Sublet and today Karine Le Marchand, these candidates have met people who have changed their lives for better and for worse.

While viewers are witnessing the first love emotions of singles in season 17, former candidates have found their better half thanks to the program. As evidenced by the results of the 16 previous editions, 89 couples were formed in Love is in the meadow, indicates the chain in a press release. If some idylls did not last, other couples spin the perfect love, like those who have taken a symbolic step: marriage.

After the broadcast of Love is in the meadow over the years, 27 couples to date have said yes for life. While 66 babies were born thanks to the dating show. Among the married couples, we remember in particular Thierry Olive and his wife Annie (in season 7), Didier and Stéphanie (season 8), Lucie and Jérôme or Mathieu and Alexandre (season 15).

Between the Camargue farmer and his rider, a fusional love united them thanks to the program and got married in June 2021. “It was two days of love and happiness, intense emotions like at a wedding, but I knew behind that we were carrying a fight”, affirmed Mathieu Ceschin for Planet, three months after their union. But, this love story is now combined with the past…

Asked by Jordan De Luxe on his show for Télé-Loisirs, the ex-candidate of Love is in the meadow announced their separation on September 12, 2022. “Today, we separate, by mutual agreement. Well, we call each other every day. We lived two extraordinary years, really. We traveled a lot. But at one point, Alexandre had trouble finding his place. I think he needed a quieter, less turbulent life. He wanted to be stable, a more classic life, “admitted the man who was planning to start a family by using surrogacy, while planning a trip to Colombia.

If Karine Le Marchand’s friend informed of their divorce for next fall, Mathieu admits to having his share of responsibility in the failure of their marriage. “We agree on everything. He wants to live something else. I need a more turbulent life, to move right and left, do lots of things. The life I wanted no longer suited him. I’m as guilty as him, in fact, it’s 50/50. That’s why I let him go. I’m as responsible as him.”