Would you be ready to leave everything for love? A month after the finale of Married at first sight, M6 broadcasts this Monday, July 3 at 9:10 p.m. Love at first sight at the end of the world. A new and original program that should appeal to travel lovers.

“Escape, change of scenery and love”, these are the ingredients of this program to discover on Nicolas de Tavernost’s channel. Buoyed by the successes of various brands such as Et si on se metait or L’amour est dans le pré, M6 hopes to follow this same dynamic by offering something new to viewers. Planet details what you need to know about the show.

On the concept side, Love at first sight at the end of the world follows the adventure of five French singles. “These men and women have decided to leave everything to open a guest house thousands of kilometers from France”, introduces the summary of the program. They are happy in their expatriate life and yet… they miss nothing except Love (with a capital A).

To remedy their heartache, the show offers an original approach. “For a week, three singles will join them and share their atypical life,” said the channel in a press release. It is upon their arrival at the airport that their suitors discover the destination where they are going to fly. How will their adaptation go?

To try to attract the favors of their host(ess), the candidates will have to seduce him (her) by multiplying sweet words and affectionate attentions, immerse themselves in his daily professional activity and acclimatize to the local culture of the foreign country. Will their stay turn into a fairy tale or will it turn into a nightmare?

To find our single backpackers, a national casting was launched by the channel. The conditions to be met: everyone was able to make a presentation video with a robot portrait of their ideal partner, indicates the channel. Excerpts were sent to volunteers who matched their preference criteria. A process supervised by the production in charge of assigning up to three suitors for each candidate.

Among the five candidates selected for the M6 ​​show, two women and three men: Marie-Charlotte, a 40-year-old living in South America, Laurence, a 50-year-old born in Belgium and single for two years, living in southern Spain . As well as Alex, thirty years old and single for two years, Jonathan, in search of love for five years and Marc, a young sixty-something established in North Africa. With them, prepare your backpack and come and discover their vacation spot.

During several numbers of Love at first sight at the end of the world, viewers will follow the love stories of our singles with their suitors. The opportunity to know a little more about their way of life, discover their daily life and especially the country for which they left everything to come and settle there. Here are the locations where the filming took place.

Marie-Charlotte will welcome her guests to Ecuador where she has lived for six years. After living in Reunion, it is in the heart of this Latin American country that she acquired and renovated the house of her dreams. As for Laurence, the fifty-year-old Belgian succumbed to the charms of Andalusia in Spain where she established her guest house.

Among the men, Alex chose to fly to Southeast Asia and more precisely to Cambodia. Abandoned by his ex-girlfriend whom he met in China, this adventurer now owns 14 bungalows located between the beach and the jungle. In an equally warm and welcoming climate, Marc the sixty-year-old settled down in Marrakech in Morocco, where he has been established for 20 years and owns a riad. Further north of the globe, it is in western Canada that the 30-year-old Jonathan has chosen to live on a daily basis. Settled on the Alaskan border where he built his traveling cottage, this bachelor hopes to find his other half who will warm his heart.