Pasta, biscuits, hygiene products… Nothing is spared at the start of the year. But, two weeks before commercial negotiations with manufacturers, which must end on January 31, the boss of Mousquetaires/Intermarché, Thierry Cotillard, firmly promises the daily newspaper Ouest France: “There will be price reductions for consumers “, points out Challenge.

Even in 2024, purchasing power remains the major concern of many French people. On January 7, Bruno Le Maire expressed his optimism about a possible drop in prices, declaring on France 3: “I am convinced that certain prices will decrease”, adding that these adjustments would be perceptible “as soon as the commercial negotiations are concluded.” on January 31.

The Minister of the Economy specified during his intervention on the set of France 3: “Last year, during commercial negotiations, we recorded an increase in prices of around 15%. Today, this The trend has weakened and is now around 5%.”

After a year and a half of inflation exceeding 5%, the pressure eased slightly at the end of 2023, although prices have not yet started to fall significantly. An unexpected rebound was even felt in December, casting doubt on a possible reappearance of double-digit inflation in 2024.

Thierry Cotillard, president of the Les Mousquetaires group bringing together Intermarché and Netto brands, confirmed on RTL on January 8 that “double-digit inflation is in the past, it’s behind us. For the first time in 3 years, we observe price drops”, proof that “the situation is more complex for big brands and multinationals”.

The CEO of the Les Mousquetaires group confirmed that this price reduction was already underway at the microphone of RTL: “We did not wait, since January 1, we have reduced 1,000 prices regularly. We choose to anticipate, it “is a gamble. The fish was very expensive, the cod will be -25%. The cordon bleu will be -15%. We will have to wait for the reductions on biscuits and pasta. On sunflower oil and olive oil of rapeseed, we are going to make reductions of -30% on purchases,” added Thierry Cotillard.

An announcement that comes just a few days after the delisting of Pepsico products at Carrefour. The boss of Intermarché, in turn, denounced the price increases demanded by agro-industrialists, on the RTL set. And said he was ready to take action.

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