it is not even a graduate, but in the Uk Lottie Fellows, has been a income in which a lot of people are jealous of it. And that is only possible because of the spoken movies, which they themselves share. Comforting for some, erotic for others. “But when people say that ASMR and sexual, then I will answer to them is always that all of geseksualiseerd it can be.”

The Uk’s Lottie Fellows is a student as well as many other things, but the only one with a special way of generating extra income. She’s only 20, but because of the spoken movies, which they’re on YouTube, share it, and has an income of so many people, but one can dream.

It’s a secret? With the growing success of ASMR, also known as “an orgasm in your head” as well. The sounds of shaving cream, a feather, or a whispered Lottie, who have a role to play, as the young woman reveals it all. However, they do not want the hint of being called “a seksualiseren, but there is nothing sexual with ASMR. It will help a lot of people really like. However, I can understand that in a slow whisper, and the word ‘role-play’ misunderstood as something sexual. ”

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Lottie discovered ASMR through a teacher at school that her brain did, a tingling of by to be quiet, to read, and her mother, who thought that they could use it to get a better night’s sleep. As soon as Lottie is the first ASMR videos and looked at it, was they are addicted. It didn’t take long for them to also have its very own channel made for it.

It took a little practice, and, in the beginning, they grew slowly, but now it has more than 80,000 subscribers and millions of views are collected. “I was really shocked when my channel began to grow. It was a very, very weird. I remember when I got my video herbekeek, and I don’t even like it, so it was quite a surprise to find out that the others, however, were able to enjoy it.”

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