Emiliano Sala speaks with a tired voice, in the Background engine noise. “I’m in a plane that looks like it would fall apart,” says the 28-Year-old scared. The Argentine footballer was on Monday evening on the way to his new employer, Cardiff City, when he felt probably that he will not arrive there. “If you hear in one and a half hours of nothing from me,” says Sala, and pauses for a moment: “I don’t know if the someone need to send, you won’t find me anyway. Dad, I’m scared.“ Up to now there is no sign of life, the small plane crashed probably over the English channel. The hopes for a Happy End go to Zero.

Salas concerned father Horacio confirmed to the newspaper “Clarin”, the authenticity of the Whatsapp voice message: “The hours pass by and I don’t know anything. I fear for the worst.“ World star and fellow countryman Diego Maradona hoped that the plane “flew to the wrong airport”. “It is crazy that we start tomorrow. In the evening I’m going to train with my new Team”, Sala said at the beginning of the message, while he is yawning from fatigue: “I’m excited to see what happens.”The search for Sala was continued on Wednesday until it was discontinued with the onset of darkness in the evening. The decision on a re-recording would be taken on early Thursday morning, police said vonGuernsey. Chief Officer John Fitzgerald, who directs the action, said: “Sadly, I personally believe that there is hope.”

Also, Nicolas Pallois, his former team-mates at French ErstligavereinFC Nantes, he sent, according to the newspaper L’Equipe has a similar message. The plane was doing “strange noises”, it would be a “bumpy ride”. The Propeller aircraft of the type Piper PA-46 Malibu needed, according to media reports, four Attempts to Nantes stand out. Finally, the British channel island of Guernsey disappeared it is about 20 kilometers to the North from the Radar. Previously, the Pilot had asked, according to police, at the flight control on the neighboring island of Jersey, the flight altitude decrease.