The beginnings were modest. The father of Philippe Cassegrain had inherited a tobacco shop. “He could have his life, but he was much too restless,” says Philippe Cassegrain. So he sold in his small Shop in the centre of Paris not only tobacco products, which after the war were highly sought after, because the American soldiers were Smoking so much. He thought more. “My father was a good salesman,” says Cassegrain. “All the pipes he was selling were different.” In the Economics of today, it would be a “unique selling proposition”, at the time, Jean Cassegrain simply spoke of “quelque chose de spécial”. In order to make his pipes, especially, covered with leather; so she had a good grip, and so it did on the Boulevards a little, because at that time Smoking was in the Public a kind of status symbol. By the way, he created the basis for a luxury brand, this year it is 70. The anniversary celebrates. The Core Business: Leather.

Alfons Kaiser

editor responsible for the Department “Germany and the world,” and the Frankfurter Allgemeine Magazin.

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If Philippe Cassegrain of telling his father, then the ambience, that is, what is the way this family has traveled in the past seven decades. The inputs and receives eighty-year-old in one of the many stately rooms of the great Headquarters of the group in the Rue Saint-Honoré. His children have long since taken over: Sophie Delafontaine is the Creative Director and not only designs shoes and bags, but also a whole fashion collection; Jean Cassegrain, the Oldest of the siblings, is the managing Director; and Olivier Cassegrain is in charge of New York from the American business.

your father no longer looks although often times over in the office, he must but even. The children have driven by the expansion of its product range, and more of its own shops and through stronger Marketing of the annual turnover to more than half a billion euros in high – and as a family business in an environment that is dominated by big luxury groups such as Kering and LVMH.

In Germany, it falls to expand the family, because a random advertising-winner, Angela Merkel, is The Longchamp bags, the Chancellor, the buys you in the Berlin, have become a kind of Symbol for their so unpretentious, such as solid style.

Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia

As it is in a family business: It starts very early. Philippe Cassegrain had to, as soon as he came in as an Eleven – or twelve-year-old for lunch from school, his mother in the Store to help. “The four of us siblings have made cigarette cases and passport cases. I had a small machine for gold-Plating, for the Name lettering.“

The father was on the road a lot, and traveled even back then, to the world, to sell its cigarette cases and the age Sattler technology, with leather-covered pipes, and to buy materials such as lizard or crocodile leather. “And he brought, for example, from Japan, small Souvenirs, which served as inspiration for your own article,” says Cassegrain.

the success of The products soon, briefcases, Desk pads, business cards, bags and other small leather goods were added were – was, of course, the reputation of the city of Paris. After the protrusion end of the war, her Name shone especially in America is brighter than ever before.

“From my father I learned to work a lot”, says Philippe Cassegrain. He traveled a lot, with the steam ship to Africa, with the cruise ship to America, and in 1954, at the age of 17, alone, to Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and in the case of the pattern parts. He introduced you to all the traders that had him listed as his father on a list meticulously.