While often working on their own account, the hairdresser is an independent professional, who can also be employed as an employee. Thus, salaried hairdressers are affiliated to the general scheme and contribute to the National Old Age Insurance Fund. The calculation of his pension is therefore based on his status. Explanations on the possible amount of his retirement pension.

With the next pension reform, the system devoted to long careers will be retained. If all French people will have to work longer, people who started their professional life very early can always leave at 60. In the case of those who started before the age of 16, a departure at 58 will still be valid. As Elisabeth Borne reminded us, long careers “will not have to work for more than 44 years”.

When the hairdresser is recruited as an employee, all his salaries subject to contributions are recorded in a dedicated account. In the general scheme, he only needs one quarter of contributions to begin to acquire a right to a pension, but his pension will then be calculated according to the duration of his contribution. The average annual income thus corresponds to the best 25 years of gross wages within the limit of the annual social security ceiling in the year of the request for liquidation of rights. If the insured has the number of quarters required for a full pension, he obtains the maximum rate, which is 50% of the base salary.