60 percent is to disappear – London announces new customs System schirrspüler, refrigerators, Christmas trees – the UK wants to abolish after the Brexit-the Transition period, numerous duties.oli/sda11 Kommentare11Ein new non-bureaucratic System: The British government wants to abolish tariffs on 60 percent of the global imports. Views of the port of London.Photo: Luciana Guerra/

the UK wants to abolish customs duties for many Goods after the end of the Brexit-the transition phase. The new regulations scheduled to take effect in January 2021 in force and also for the UK valid EU customs duties replace.

The new global customs System build bureaucracy and lower the cost of thousands of everyday products, said trade Minister Liz Truss on Tuesday in London. So, are supposed to be for dishwashers, refrigerators, cooking products, such as cocoa, and Christmas trees are no customs duties charged.

“On the British economy

Overall, be abolished according to the government, tariffs on 60 percent of the global imports. “For the first Time in 50 years, we are able to, our own customs System setting that is tailored to the British economy,” said Truss. On cars, however, should remain a duty of ten per cent.

the United Kingdom has left at the end of January the EU. Until the end of the year, a transition phase, in which practically nothing changes applies. The presentation of the proposed customs interpreted the rules as further evidence that the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson – as announced – will not extend the Transition period.

at the moment, Brussels and London rings even to their future relationship. It is, among other things, a trade agreement and fishing rights. Without new agreements to be a hard break threatens the end of the year.

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