Loire: around sixty frozen or buried cats found in a couple


Friday, May 27, the owners of a house in Bellegarde-en-Forez faced horror. After their tenants were evicted, the couple found their house in a deplorable state of hygiene.

The windows, walls and floor were covered with animal excrement, explains Le Progrès. And in the freezer, amid frozen popsicles and breaded fish, 32 dead cats carefully wrapped in cloth were found.

The nightmare does not end there. Around thirty cat bodies were also discovered, buried in numerous flower pots scattered around the house, reports Ouest-France.

A necropsy carried out as part of the investigation, however, revealed that no act of cruelty had been committed by the owners.

A complaint of abuse was filed by an animal protection association against the couple of tenants, who lived there with two dogs and around thirty other living cats. They would both suffer from psychological problems and should be heard soon by the gendarmerie.

According to TF1, the “Noah syndrome” was mentioned to explain the behavior of the respondents in cases similar to this one. This disease designates, according to Midi-Libre, the fact of accumulating too many animals at home without being able to take care of them properly. The intentions of people who suffer from it are not bad and they often become very attached to their animals, to the point of not being able to part with them. This type of action can be considered a form of abuse.