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When you are told Loft Story, you (fans and detractors of the show) immediately think of one particular moment: the pool scene. On April 28, 2001, two days after the launch of the flagship reality show on M6, millions of fans witnessed the torrid antics between Loana and Jean-Edouard.

From a simple intimate moment between a man and a woman forming a bond, this sequence could have gone unnoticed if the cameras had not missed a crumb of their proximity. While the alcohol was flowing during an evening between “the lofters”, they were quick to make people talk about them from the first week of adventure. 20 years later, this scene from Loft Story still sticks to the skin of ex-lovers for a night.

When Loft Story was broadcast in 2001, the pool scene between Loana and Jean-Edouard marked millions of Internet users on the web. Especially since Benjamin Castaldi has kept an intact memory of this cult moment which took place before his eyes.

“I remember it very well. I received a phone call around 11:30 p.m. and in fact, since no one in charge was really there, we followed the start of the lovemaking,” said the host in the program An almost perfect dinner, surrounded by five emblematic candidates of the program. You should know that the 24/24 was really broadcast in real time. So, it lasted, I believe from memory, 6-7 minutes, and then someone had to call: ‘You are crazy!’ But hey, the images had passed“, as indicated by our colleagues from Purepeople.

While the damage was done, no one suspected the resounding echo that the broadcast of this scene would have throughout France. Leading to a wave of indignation and revolts on the part of detractors, accusing the show of voyeurism. On the production side, it was Alexia Laroche-Joubert who had a reaction that was surreal to say the least. “When Loana and Jean-Edouard made love in the swimming pool, I first of all wondered how we were going to clean the pool”, she exclaimed in Le Parisien.

For Nathalie Naddaud-Albertini, media sociologist, “Loft Story has established itself in relation to the controversy it has aroused”, she confides for Planet. Long before the broadcast of the show in April 2001, public opinion was already wondering about this television curiosity like no other.

From the first images broadcast on TV and on the Internet, the reactions were very virulent. “But what is this show?”, “It’s scandalous”, remembers the reality TV specialist. Still, she assures viewers were drawn in by the resounding buzz of the controversial scene. “We expected a form of decay in relation to showing the intimate. In this scene, we are in voyeurism”, she explains. “We are in something that shocks, that breaks with our standards and our way of thinking about intimacy”.

Subsequently, this intimate relationship had repercussions on Loana’s intimacy with the media, which were quick to reveal the existence of her hidden daughter. “Already with the pool scene, we had the idea of ​​a transgressive femininity. There, we complete it with the idea of ​​​​a bad mother. We stick this image to her skin”, remarks Nathalie Naddaud-Albertini.

If the candidate nevertheless benefited from the support of the public until her victory in the final with Christophe, the sociologist believes that he was accused of all evils, leading to his multiple falls and rebirths on the front pages of magazines. “We are judged more severely when we are a woman than a man, it’s obvious” she concludes, comparing with Jean-Edouard who would not have been blamed for his attitude at the same time.

In an unpublished number of the show It starts today, broadcast on April 12 on France 2, Jean-Edouard Lipa was the guest of Faustine Bollaert. The opportunity for the former finalist to return to this cult scene of the PAF. And, to restore in passing his own truth about their alleged naughty relationship in the pool.

“That’s what I wanted to come back to: there was nothing,” he says to the host, revealing that they spent the night well together. “It was in the room afterwards”, according to remarks quoted by However, the ex-lofter indicates that their rapprochement has taken place, but away from prying eyes. “We didn’t see much, because the cameras were there”, miming with a gesture above the waist, during the sequence of the swimming pool. The end of a cult reality TV myth.