In the United States just before Christmas, the government partially lame. At midnight (local time) – this Saturday morning at 6 o’clock German time – was a budget freeze for parts of the government in power. The so-called Shutdown, because until the expiry of the deadline at midnight is not a new budget law was adopted for several Federal ministries. This means that many government agents are sent in to the forced leave or without salary, must work, and that, in part, Offices or other public facilities closed. The background for the escalation of the dispute over the financing of a wall on the border to Mexico.

America’s President, Donald Trump had refused to be a of the budget act of signing, if there is not money for the long-required wall would be provided. He asked for five billion dollars. In the Congress there was, however, not a majority. The Democrats trump Republicans had negotiated up to the last on a compromise. The talks continue to go well.

Trump not attributed with a long duration

Trump, the Democrats, called on to participate in a cross-party solution. “The Shutdown will not hopefully take long,” he said in a video message on Twitter. Earlier, the President had threatened, if the Democrats in Congress not einlenkten, will give it a long-lasting standstill.

As the effects of the “shutdown” depends on how long he lasts. In the past, in the United States to such shutdowns. In Trumps tenure, it is already the third “Shutdown”. At the end of January, there had been a budget freeze of a few days, at the beginning of February, the “Shutdown”mode only lasted a few hours. The longest freeze was about the turn of the year 1995/1996 a period of 21 days. In 2013, a budget dispute between Republicans and Democrats, under the then President Barack Obama had led to a 16-day “Shutdown”.