Still more taxes? Emmanuel Macron has, in fact, committed to lowering the amount of the tax base served to French women and men. To this end, it initiated several measures during its previous five-year term and has already declared itself in favor of the rapid abolition of the audiovisual license fee which must be paid by all those who own a television or a device capable of broadcasting. During his previous mandate, it was the housing tax that the head of state had attacked.

Yet, and the president can’t do much about it, some taxes continue to rise. This is the case of the property tax, the rate of which is determined by the local authorities and which, due to inflation as well as the abolition of the housing tax, is likely to rise sharply in certain cities in France. The fact is, however, that this is not the only levy to consider. And for good reason ! Many other taxes parasitize the amount of the property tax.

According to the communities concerned, informs Le Parisien, the increase could climb from 5 to 77%, which bases its article on the estimates of the National Association of communities, associations and companies for the management of heating networks, of the energy, and waste (Primer). In total, 56 communities were surveyed and in more than 50%, the bill could increase by more than 10%. In 2022, the increase was inevitable, due to an automatic revaluation of 3.4% of the rental bases. The general delegate of Amorce evokes a “very bad alignment of the planets”, listing in particular “the war in Ukraine and its consequences”.