In Ingmar Bergmans Film “cries and Whispers”, 1972 plays Liv Ullmann, the upper-class wife, Mary, a relationship with the doctor of your children. In one scene, Erland Josephson, the actor of the doctor asks Maria to meet him in front of the mirror. Here, he says to her, those lines around your mouth, the bitterness and greed, which are three wrinkles on the forehead of boredom and idleness, and on your cheeks your Life is painting itself ad nauseam.

Andreas Kilb

feuilleton correspondent in Berlin.

F. A. Z.

Meanwhile, the camera gazes intently into Liv Ullmann’s face. It is flawless. You see nothing in it of what the doctor speaks. And yet you can feel that he is right. Because the face that he describes, the trace of his words like a shadow. The wrinkles are not there yet, but they will come. The greed, the bitterness, the Weariness, the boredom, reflected in Mary’s eyes, and it is only a matter of time before you will dig in your skin.

Ingmar Bergman Liv Ullmann’s fate. His films have made it what it was in the sixties and seventies: one of the greatest Actresses of world cinema. When they met, was Ullmann was born in Tokyo as the daughter of a Norwegian engineer and grew up in Toronto, New York and Trondheim, twenty-seven, and Bergman, twenty years older. They shot “Persona” and “Passion” and “The hour of the wolf” Liv Ullmann had a child, and Bergman built a house on the Baltic sea island of Fårö.