The American chip group Qualcomm wants to expand in its patent dispute with Apple fast a first success in China. After Qualcomm was able to achieve in front of a court in the city of Fuzhou, a sales ban of several older models, to nunauch be this year’s devices the iPhone XS velvet of the larger Version of XS Max, as well as the iPhone XR to be targeted. “We are planning the same patents for lawsuits against the three new iPhone models,” said a Chinese Qualcomm lawyer, the “Financial Times”.

The Chinese court had found at the end of November, the infringement of two patents of the chip group. As a result, the sale of models of the iPhone 6S, 7, 8, and their greater versions as well as the last year released iPhone X had been prohibited, such as Qualcomm announced on Tuesday. Currently, the devices are still available everywhere. Apple hastened directly to the decision by stating that the iPhone will stay in all of the variants in the country.

Apple countered that only the operating system and all of the models with the current Software Version iOS 12 remained in the trade. The iPhone-the group appealed against the court decision. From the perspective of Qualcomm, the sale of the court-referred models must be stopped, regardless of the Software Version.