Literature days of Solothurn dealing with The uncertainty of The 42. Solothurner literary days will take place on Corona-only online. The offer is still rich. At the beginning of a conversation between Federal councillor Simonetta Sommaruga, and the writer Simone stand Lappert. Martin Ebel0 KommentareDas audience sat in front of the screens: the President of the Confederation Simonetta Sommaruga, literature, days, Director of the Reina Gehrig, left, and author Simone Lappert, right, on Thursday in Bern.Photo: Solothurn literature days

culture needs meetings, real meetings, not only in the virtual space: the politician and the author agreed. You are, after all, compared to sassen, in a respectful distance, on two bar stools in the slaughter house theatre in Bern and exchanged views about the links between politics and literature and is different.

dealing with uncertainty about: Simone Lappert, it is not love, if you know what are going to do to her characters next: “The most beautiful it is, if I have a handle on.” Nevertheless, it’s a composition, a turned Simonetta Sommaruga, who is not only married with a writer, but, as you said, every evening, in a literary book reads.

In the Swiss policy, you may the “detours”, the slow decision-making processes are part of the reason for the stability of the country. That the Federal pandemic Decisions now in the peak phase of the Corona,-many quickly, but the “fluid based” cases, and had to implement, was therefore not a desire, but a marginal and emergency situation. “We knew that if we met in the morning, what we would decide at the end”; they have, however, had confidence in the panel with quite different life experiences, and, ultimately, “it works”.

The half-hour conversation, there was also online only “live”, as well as a number of other events, the track Friday and Saturday (some are interactive, and, accordingly, with limited authorisation number, and in many cases already fully booked). Via the menu item “logbook”, you can choose from a wide range of readings and Interviews, prepared by the Team of the Solothurn literature days in the last couple of weeks and staying more connected.

Franz Hohler as a Translator

This rendition of texts – for example, Reto Hänny, the shows in 38 minutes, the monster sets his novel, “the fall” the hearing to present almost more accessible than the eye or Interviews, usually in written form. Some authors focus on the specific Situation, as Daniel de Roulet, offering a “sarcastic Decalogue” about the literary life to the Corona. Franz Hohler told of his many years of translation activity, during which he has of Shakespeare’s sonnets to the Beatles ‘ song “world literature as the Home Delivery” in the local dialect brought.

The 42. and so special literature days are the last under the direction of Reina Gehrig, the changes to the cultural Foundation Pro Helvetia and the literature Department will. Your successor: Dani Landolf, the longtime Director of the Swiss booksellers and publishers Association. Solothurn 2021 will then again take place analogously, with a lot of jostling between the country house and the cross, and many encounters.

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