The managing Director of Wiesbaden-Holding WVV, Ralph student, has been released with immediate effect from his duties. This also applies to his work at the top of the Wiesbaden youth workshop, and the local commercial real estate GmbH. The magistrate, at the request of the Lord mayor, Sven Gerich (SPD) has decided, in an unusually long session.

Oliver Bock

correspondent of the Rhein-Main-Zeitung for the Rheingau-Taunus-Kreis and Wiesbaden.

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The magistrate was based on a template, after which the charges against the students were not so serious that continued employment is reasonable. The wording in the template, the students have added to the Reputation of the city, and of your daughters, “substantial damage”, was the magistrate but not to own.

conflicts of interest are not displayed?

The boards of Directors of the three companies are now to advise immediately of any further consequences against the students. Of the termination or cancellation of the 2017 prematurely extended contract means. The WVV-the Supervisory Board will vote on it tonight.

student is accused, among other things, conflicts of interest are not displayed, such as the appointing of the CDU group Chairman Bernhard Lorenz. Student opinions in addition, false position and private business have mixed interests.