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The plaza de toros, Campo Pequeno , in the Avenida da República, back to Lisbon, the activity of the sector and opens its season more atypical with a show horse, one of his great specialties.

date night, as tends to be common in the coso Portugal’s most important: 22.45 pacific time this Thursday, July 30, and a figure of luxury as the main claim because Luis Rouxinol is the maximum star of the genre.

The poster is complete with Frames Bastinhas and Duarte Pinto, in addition to the gang of lads Amadores de Santarém, a village located 83 km from Lisbon. And all starring six bulls of Antonio R. Brito Paes , cattle ranching was a big winner at Campo Pequeno in the past year.

there Was an unusual excitement by the fact that the resumption of these soirees and were, therefore, prepared the environment to live a historic night, with the company of Luis Miguel Pombeiro premiered as being responsible for the programming, the whole time that the global property of the bullring (and the adjacent shopping center) corresponds to Alvaro Covoes , the largest music promoter in the neighbouring country and, consequently, away from the focus of the art of bullfighting.

yes, the opening of the season takes into account the new measures of protection ordered by the socialist Government of Antonio Costa . For a start, the capacity is reduced by half and is dealt face masks for attendees, as well as to the members of the crews.

there will be No paseíllo or provides for the possibility of a return to the arena. In addition, will remain closed to the lying side, as well as the bars.

“Because that is so, that we don’t care about”, declares the own Luis Miguel Pombeiro, who has not wasted the occasion to review what bad has happened to the sector, in view of that a part of the Socialist Party sought to ally itself with the radical left and eliminate this type of shows, or at least cornering based suppress public support for its conclusion.

however, the social classes bullfighting is mobilized with determination and managed to put back on foot these night sessions, even though the VAT increased from 6% to 23%.

that’s why, Pombeiro was excited to point out: “We go back to our house, the same that some of us would like to steal, taking advantage of cowardly the pandemic and its consequences, to affirm that they wanted a Campo Pequeno without the bulls”.

Some professionals came to be chained to the doors of the plaza and also had its effect, a massive demonstration in the vicinity of the plaza. Even the left has made a survey “made by someone who wanted to silence us, questioning whether or not it should have bulls in Lisbon,” said Luis Miguel Pombeiro before he remembered that they were defeated “with a resounding negative.”

For this reason, “the bulls will be back in their place as kings of the Fiesta and the bullfight the Portuguese will come again in his cathedral”. So what has underlined the entrepreneur who manages the plaza after the new grant: “Professional and forcados return to show off their costumes, which are a frame of art, history and freedom”.

His heartfelt words were concluded with a loving reference to Spain: “We make mention also of our Spanish brothers, hoping that their struggle for the return has the same result. Because here there are no victors or vanquished”.

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