The scammers redouble their pretexts to knock on your door… And steal your savings. According to Capital, the latest operation involves bogus Enedis agents currently scouring homes for new victims. The crooks claim that your Linky meter is faulty, or defective, which is why you must have it replaced to avoid the explosion of your electricity bill. A major argument in the face of the unprecedented energy crisis and the harsh winter that is approaching.

Only here: these false employees of Enedis, who naturally have nothing to do with the manager of the electricity distribution network, would be likely to charge you up to 6,000 euros for their lie. A new fake quality scam, which is currently on the rise in France under several prisms: fake policeman, fake fireman, fake public agent, fake EDF agent… If the authorities are warning more and more about the subject, the Vigilance is still required, especially among the elderly and isolated, considered easy targets by crooks.

“To guard against this type of scam, it is advisable to ask for a professional card, a mission order or proof of intervention from any individual who comes to your home”, advise our colleagues from Capital. In addition, please note that any intervention by an Enedis agent will be systematically preceded by a warning to the individual.

As a reminder, such a scam is punishable by five years’ imprisonment and a fine of 375,000 euros.