Can you rely on Linky? This is the question that many Enedis customers ask themselves. Indeed, since the start of the deployment of this new generation meter, the company has faced many detractors who criticize the mandatory installation and the alleged attacks that the device could have on health, or even on privacy.

However, this smart meter still has certain advantages. Used wisely, it can even save money on your electricity bill. Its main advantage is to be able to closely monitor its consumption and therefore to be able to adapt its use.

In addition, providers provide services that can be particularly useful when you want to monitor your consumption.

This is the case of TotalEnergies with its Conso Live Wi-Fi key, free for all the company’s customers. It is a box that is installed directly on the meter. It analyzes the expenses of the household and sends, each week via an application, the results as well as personalized advice to save money, reports Le Particulier.

A similar application also exists for Engie customers. Billed at 2 euros per month, it provides real-time consumption as well as a history in euros over a day, a month and a year. A tool also makes it possible to evaluate the annual cost of a particular electrical device.

In addition to providers, the Linky meter itself has many, often unrecognized, functions that can be particularly useful. Discover them in our slideshow.