Linky meter and energy crisis: the announcement of Enedis


“If everyone plays their role”, everything will be fine, said Emmanuel Macron. “There is a tension, we have seen it for several months, life is more expensive. And so it is difficult for many of our compatriots. We have an increase in the prices of food, energy and therefore we are dealing with it”, he also insisted on recalling in front of the microphones of BFMTV, assuring that France is not (yet?) deadlocked. Subject to collectively and individually avoiding excesses, we will be able to “get through the winter”, adds the Head of State, whose tone is intended to be reassuring. Without rationing… but with sobriety.

In the event of failure, or even a too cold winter, it will unfortunately be necessary to deal with rotating load shedding to avoid any uncontrolled blackout, recalls Le Figaro on its site. The device, which is the responsibility of the RTE network manager; is designed to respond to a situation considered this summer as “very serious”. Indeed, a series of anomalies affecting about ten French nuclear reactors implies less mobilization of the fleet and therefore less energy production. The rotating blackouts envisaged would affect around 200,000 households in two-hour periods.

Recently, it was Enedis – the company responsible in particular for installing the Linky meter – which decided to speak out about the French energy situation, reports Capital.

“At a time when the government is preparing to launch a mobilization campaign ‘Every gesture counts’, and when all the players concerned are calling for individual and collective energy sobriety, Linky is more than ever an essential tool at the service of more responsible electricity consumption,” the company said in a press release sent to AFP.

It is a question of allowing the consumer a better knowledge and a more thorough control of his consumption. What should reassure most French women and men? Maybe. But also, according to some of the most opposed to the anise device from Enedis, to worry others. Explanations.

The Linky counter is still the subject of an urgent refusal today. A significant number of French women and men harbor multiple grievances against it. From now on, some fear that these green boxes will be used (this time or in the future) to restrict the consumption of each other, environmental activist Stéphane Lhomme recently explained in our columns. He is particularly known for his anti-Linky and anti-nuclear commitment.

“The basic problem comes from the fact that the Linky meter inherently allows targeted power cuts. For the time being, the government is appealing to the goodwill of French people, but that will not necessarily always be the case and that de facto opens the door to major abuses – to social issues. We can quite imagine cuts in working-class neighborhoods while wealthier households are spared. This is a problem,” he said.

Several tools allow you to control and moderate your electricity consumption using the Linky meter, informs Capital. Enedis offers a platform to identify its daily peaks, to compare its consumption between days or vis-à-vis other neighbors, for example.

It is then possible to identify abnormal consumption and modify your lifestyle or equipment to ensure that you do not spend more than necessary. The opportunity to achieve between 8 and 10% savings on average.