Lindsay Lohan’s Father accused of Accepting kickbacks from Rehabilitation


The father of celebrity Lindsay Lohan was detained on charges he took kickbacks for referring patients into a Florida chemical abuse treatment centre

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — The father of celebrity Lindsay Lohan was arrested Friday on charges he took kickbacks for referring patients into a substance abuse treatment centre.

Authorities reported a Delray Beach-area medication treatment centre named Pride Recovery paid more than $27,000 from kickbacks to Lohan straight or into a company he was correlated with, Lola Recovery Ventures of Palm Beach Gardens.

Underneath Florida legislation, it’s illegal to get a healthcare supplier to pay a commission for the referral of all patients. The custom has been associated with several instances of fraud where rehab facilities have reimbursed for performing expensive and unnecessary evaluations on individuals that have medical insurance policy .

“Patient brokering corrupts our healthcare system because conclusions are motivated by greed rather than a patient’s requirements,” Palm Beach County State Attorney Dave Aronberg said in a statement Friday.

Aronberg said Lohan is the 117th individual detained in connection with a job force’s continuing probe into individual brokering in the region.

Lohan’s lawyer, Heidi Perlet, says that her client denies Aronberg’s allegations.

“Michael Lohan has assisted millions of individuals experiencing dependency difficulties,” Perlet stated in a statement to The Associated Press. … Michael is looking forward to getting his day in Court in which the entire truth, not the story put forth from the State Attorney’s Office, comes out”

Lohan has had a few former run-ins with the legislation, such as allegations of domestic violence. He emerged on season 5 of”Celebrity Rehab using Dr. Drew,” which aired on VH1 at 2011.