Lily Gladstone’s Conditions for Joining ‘Under The Bridge’ Series

In her latest project, ‘Under The Bridge,’ Lily Gladstone expressed her concerns about the portrayal of Native women on TV, particularly in cop roles. She explained that she had specific requirements before accepting the role of Cam, a police officer investigating the murder of Reena Virk.

Gladstone’s first requirement was to pay homage to Chief Dan George, the first Oscar-nominated indigenous North American actor. She also wanted her character, Cam, to hail from Vancouver and return to the city for personal reasons, adding depth to the role.

Furthermore, Gladstone insisted on playing a cop who is not afraid to challenge the system and stand up for what is right. She believed that portraying an Indigenous woman in law enforcement presented a unique and complex character dynamic.

While Cam is a fictional character in the series, the murder investigation of Reena Virk is based on a true story. Gladstone emphasized the importance of giving voice to the victims in true crime narratives, ensuring they are not marginalized in the retelling.

Additionally, Gladstone and co-star Riley Keough are campaigning for the Supporting Lead category in ‘Under The Bridge,’ highlighting their roles as supporting characters in the larger story of Reena Virk. The character of Cam was specifically written with Gladstone in mind, showcasing her talent and range as an actress.

Overall, Gladstone’s involvement in ‘Under The Bridge’ reflects her commitment to nuanced and authentic portrayals of Indigenous characters in the entertainment industry. Her dedication to storytelling and representation continues to elevate her status as a rising star in Hollywood.