Lilian Thuram and Kareen Guiock married: the most beautiful photos of the couple


A discreet couple in the headlines. On Tuesday August 23, former footballer Lilian Thuram married journalist Kareen Guiock in a ceremony that took place in Fontainebleau in Seine-et-Marne. An intimate wedding, bringing together 150 guests, which has caused a stir in the neighborhood in recent days.

As revealed by Le Parisien this Friday, August 26, the newlyweds celebrated their union until the end of the night, in particular with a fireworks display from the castle where the festivities took place. According to our colleagues, the authorities had stipulated an authorization until 11:30 p.m. But, the pyrotechnic show woke up the inhabitants in the middle of the night around 1 a.m.

“I find it really VERY borderline, even a deep disrespect for the Bellifontains of which I am a part, who would like to sleep in peace, some getting up early the next day”, protested a student and resident of the town on his Twitter account. Questioned by Le Parisien, the LR mayor of the city, Julien Gondard, expressed his dissatisfaction. “Everyone must respect the rules. Lilian Thuram or another, it’s the same. The given time must be respected”.

Faced with the situation, the president of the castle Marie-Christine Labourdette apologized to the inhabitants. “It’s common for weddings to be a bit late. The fireworks only lasted ten minutes and it was allowed. But I understand that the locals may have been scared or embarrassed in their sleep,” said she reacted to our colleagues As for Lilian Thuram, a native of Fontainebleau where he made his football debut, and his wife Kareen Guiock, they did not speak publicly about the event while no complaint was filed against them.

Discreet in the city as on the screen, Lilian Thuram and Kareen Guiock have been dating since 2015. The 12:45 presenter and the former athlete cultivate discretion and share few photos together on social networks. “There is not much to say about it that belongs to the public domain. It belongs to us. I do not really see what we could have to share”, she confided for Télé-Loisirs in the podcast Femmes de TV.

Further, the famous West Indian journalist poured out about their relationship. “We don’t make a religion out of it, but it’s in our temperaments, it’s like us not to communicate more than that. Be careful though, we’re not hiding, but we have nothing in particular to communicate”. Focus on their relationship with an anthology of the most beautiful photos of the couple.