Light art in the palm garden: Winter lights


    that’s The Nice thing: Every year, the Park will be wrapped in a new image,“ says Wolfgang Flammersfeld. In order to achieve this, he travelled with nine employees to Frankfurt. Three to four days, you will need to have everything and lights up. Kilometers will be laid for cable, thousands of lamps and LEDs need to be installed, and video projections set up, sculptures from light. On Saturday, everything has to be finished: Then the “winter lights”exhibition starts in the Frankfurt palm garden. “This is something that is only possible with a well-established Team,” said Flammersfeld.

    World Of Lights the company, with headquarters in North Rhine-Westphalia, Unna, which he founded together with his comrades-in-arms Reinhard Hartleif to life. Since 2006, they created their elaborate light shows – not just for the season of Advent in the palm garden, but also in Mannheim, Heidelberg, Dortmund, and in some cities more. Preferably you have worked in Parks, says flammer field, since the stray light is low, the installations deployed to their greatest effectiveness. “With light, create moods,” he describes his Job. So he is enormously successful: 35,000 visitors have viewed the Exhibition in the palm garden last Winter.

    Many new products

    Up to the popular water fountains of light all the installations that are constructed at the time in the palm garden, novelties, are reported to Flammersfeld. He raves about in misty “guardians of time” that arise there of a giant key-hole, crawling bacilli. The most spectacular piece of light art but Cubes is an Installation of 36 rotating, moving to the music of Tchaikovsky’s sleeping beauty waltz,.

    a Yurt is a part of the staging. It is situated in the gallery at the palm house. In this tent a fairy tale to be told, the program is aimed at children as at adults. And there will be, also in the gallery at the palmenhaus, a Café, where the waffles, cakes and Savoury, mulled wine and children’s punch offered. Guided tours through the exhibition and through the Tropicarium, which can last for about one and a half hours, will begin at 17.30, the number of participants is limited.