Within the first half of the year, 2019 the black-red Federal government wants to introduce a Fee cap for broker of life insurance. The state would thus be set as it was in 2012 in the private health insurance a maximum limit for the credit. The coalition am currently preparing a draft law. “A decision on the design of the Commission cap, including the specific amount has not yet been made”, – is spoken in the answer of the German Federal Ministry of Finance to an inquiry by the FDP group, the F. A. Z..

Philipp Krohn

editor in the economy.

F. A. Z.

The step is a reaction to how the insurance industry has implemented the law on the Reform of the life insurance. This followed the previous government in 2014 to distribute, among other things, the intention that through the low interest rates, dwindling income, the policies that are equitable between consumers, providers and intermediaries.

at the Time, she chose a variant that was seen as politically clean: In the balance sheet only 2.5 could be listed cost, instead of earlier 4 per cent of the total Contribution. In addition, incentives have been set, that part of the loss of remuneration is spread over the entire term of the contracts, thus the seller has an interest in ensuring that the customer keeps his contract until the expiry date.

the remuneration of The mediator are, in fact, fallen since the act, as the graph shows. According to the response of the Federal government, the FDP request to have so-called exclusive representative, the convey, on behalf of the provider, by 2.9 per cent, lower payments.

For insurance brokers and insurance intermediaries that operate on behalf of the customer, were the remuneration of a significantly higher initial level of 7.2 percent. The Federal government is not enough for this effect. 5 billion euros in the year to flow to a total of approximately 200,000 agents.

In the Opposition and interest groups, increasing resistance against the projects of the coalition, by contrast, consumer advocates support the Plan. “The intervention in price formation is contrary to the principles of market and competition”, says Bettina Stark-Watzinger (FDP), Chairman of the Finance Committee in the Bundestag. The Commission lid would destroy in their view, the functioning of the System of agents, brokers, and honorary advisors. “The Federal government ignored the experience of other countries that have restricted the Commission advice or banned. There shows that such interventions lead to a reduction in the advice,“ she says.