Don’t put all your eggs in one basket: this is the golden rule when it comes to savings! To build up a solid and lasting capital, it is essential to bet on several investments, more or less risky. According to Karl Toussaint du Wast, wealth management advisor and founder of NetInvestissement, life insurance is “a multi-drawer envelope, an investment receptacle in which you can put absolutely anything”. For Planet, this finance expert offers you an overview of the products that you can place on your life insurance contract.

First of all, Karl Toussaint du Wast points out that it is essential, before any investment, to know your investor profile. To do this, you need to do a wealth audit with a wealth management advisor. Thanks to the answers you will provide to his questions, he can then build an allowance adapted to your profile. “Life insurance is a vehicle through which you can do a lot of things, but to know what is suitable for your profile you must go through an audit”, insists the founder of NetInvestissement.

According to the specialist, there are four main compartments that can be found in life insurance. The first, and also the best known, is the euro fund compartment. “It’s the basic product to put in life insurance, a pocket with guaranteed capital. It is very secure, but only brings in 0 to 1% per year. The return generated by these funds no longer covers inflation today. “today, but 70% of life insurance contracts in France are in euro funds. It’s the ideal investment if you don’t want to take any risk”, articulates Karl Toussaint du Wast.

Over time, and financial education, savers tend to turn to riskier products, but also more profitable. What is the second part of life insurance?

Equity funds constitute the second compartment of life insurance. Depending on the contracts, you have access to French, European, American, Chinese, Japanese stocks… It is also possible to choose your funds by sector, by investing only in tech, for example”, explains Karl Toussaint du Wast.

The wealth management advisor also discusses bond products, structured products and so-called complex financial products. “This is the ‘other’ compartment of life insurance. It allows for example to invest in bonds, commodities, gold, renewable energies…”, lists the expert.

Finally, life insurance also allows you to invest in real estate…

Thanks to life insurance, you can also invest money in the real estate sector. “The advantages of these funds? They are liquid, whereas an apartment is not. You can part with them overnight, unlock part of them… It is also a stable return over time, around 4 % per year”, explains Karl Toussaint du Wast.

“The capital is not guaranteed, as for equity funds and other products, but the real estate sector has been holding up for more than fifty years,” notes the expert. “If we are afraid to embark on risky products, we still have a certain stability with real estate funds”, concludes the founder of NetInvestissement.

It’s your turn to make an appointment with your wealth management advisor to find out which of these four compartments are best suited to your profile!