Lier Kempenzonen have to re-Urbain Spaenhoven in the service. Of the almost 62-year-old coach at the end of march of this year, have forced layoffs at Lier Kempenzonen, in order to have the license in question. But in less than six months later, it will be the experienced person in the voetbalvak down to the Lisp. His assignment: to Pallieters of the sporting slums, and as a technical coordinator, a coach, and Rocky Smith (who is lit) step of the way.

in a lightning storm for weeks with Lier Kempenzonen. Three defeats in a row (for UR La Louvière, belgium, RWDM, and Liege), to zero points and last in the state in the first amateur. For weeks, calling for the fans to change some of the dismissal of the coach, and Rocky Smith. However, the management of Lierse Kempenzonen decided to have their coach does not have to get rid of. The reason for this? It’s good football and that’s the Pallieters, under his guidance, and at times had seen over the last few weeks. Just as the results are pitched against them.

tried and Tested

So, Lier Kempenzonen to gain from the coaching staff. And Urbain Spaenhoven as a technical coordinator and, therefore, the sporting boss, they go for the tried and tested. Spaenhoven know the house, it was and is very good for the player base as well as a master tactician, and the respect that Rocky Peeters is taken to a higher trainersniveau can take.

the combination of The Spaenhoven-Smith also seems to be a copy of the team Spaenhoven last year was with Dave in The Herdt. Spaenhoven has no required qualifications to be head coach, and became a feature of the Dave De Herdt is given, and it was Spaenhoven veldcoach.

A construction in which the man does not accept, that Spaenhoven of necessity (and against the wishes of the group) to the side, had to be cancelled. Now, this problem is avoided: Rocky Smith remains the head coach, and will be there with Urbain Spaenhoven an experienced, master teacher with.

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