the Actress is Lien Van de Kelder has been working with children of four and six, and moved to Thailand. Is working and her husband, Hans Herbots in Bangkok for a while now on the new tv series, ‘The Serpent’, is intended for the Netflix and BBC. “I’ll get the kids out of school, with one exception,” she said in het laatste Nieuws.

For four months, and had Hans Herbots go to Bangkok and move in. Then it would be Him From the Cellar, just as in the past two years, her husband is little to be seen. So it journeyed, and they follow them, and their children, Victor (4) Joan of arc (6th).

In the Cellar, working there as a legal assistant for its head office in Mechelen, belgium. However, there was adjustment to be larger, ” she says. Which is now taught in Dutch, English and French in an international school. “I’ll get to them in an exception , which they have saved, to find out. They will be missed, of course, known to their friends in the country, but in the evening, they are willing to learn.”

“It was not easy for us, living in Belgium for a temporary on hold to convert to to arrange. However, this is a unique opportunity, and we are very grateful for that.”

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