The famous French singer Liane Foly was in a relationship for almost ten years with the pianist André Manoukian. A beautiful romance that lasted from 1984 to 1995. In an interview with our colleagues from Current Woman, the former member of the New Star jury confided in the beginnings of their passion.

“One day, in the studio, I come across a singer who was looking for a job, I do a test and I have a total revelation. I discovered that the voice is the most beautiful instrument there is to carry the melodies of a composer”, he had declared in September 2021 and to continue: “That day, I switched to the feminine side of the force, like Gainsbourg who had success more quickly with the songs he was doing for girls. only for himself”.

But after their breakup, the two stars remained cold following the publication of the autobiography The mechanics of fluids in which the musician reveals certain details of their relationship. “I’m ashamed. It stinks. He lacks elegance. It feels like being in a Marc Dorcel film. I don’t want to hear that he suffered so much. He only had to m love more. In fact, I think he never loved me“, reacted at the time the interpreter of Life does not teach me anything. For his part, his ex-companion André Manoukian had finally made his mea culpa in the media: “I understand her anger and I’m sorry to have hurt her. I know that she is modest, but I don’t m ‘did not imagine that she would take it badly,’ he confided to Télé Star.

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