Lewis Hamilton is to let you know that it is important to her and has to fight to get that sixth world title to his roll of honour added.

this Past weekend, and suggested that Lewis Hamilton is a sixth world title is safe, only be Michael Schumacher is doing a better with the seven pieces. The British would like to emphasize that the world title is not just, and that his blood, sweat, and tears went into.

After the race, he told the gathered press that this is the most difficult year for the team. In the second half of the season, it was the most difficult period of time that they as a team have experienced it, but Hamilton has let us know that he’s enjoying the competition with Ferrari and Red Bull.

“We’re in the season, in Melbourne, with the idea that we are at a disadvantage they would have. Halfway through the season, we ran a deficit, and in the second half of the season has been a real challenge.”

The challenges were not only on the job in 2019. With the death of Niki Lauda, has had a profound impact on Hamilton, as well as human being than as an athlete.

“We have lost This year. An essential and indispensable a part of our team, and it was a real emotional roller-coaster ride with the loss of This will have happened.”

“I do not understand is that we are all in a lot of ways similar to each other. I would have to say that I am thinking that the loss of This is not as big an impact on me at all.”

“It was really worrying, I’m going to miss him so much and I didn’t realize how much I loved him”.

“When something like this happens to a lot of doubts in your mind and think, okay, well, it’s time to stop or should I keep going?”

Hamilton says that he, too, just like everyone else, the things in life he struggles with.

“I’m struggling with a lot of different things, to fight against the demons and try to make sure that I am as a person and has continued to grow at all.

now that the demons are just want to, Hamilton will not be lost, but there is no doubt that the death of Anthoine Hubert, the Spa is one of them. He says that in recent years times, as in the case of the death of Niki Lauda, that he has a future in the F1 in question has.

“There is life after F1. I still want to spend time with my family, I still want to one day have a family, all of these different things.”

“you know, I have a duty to do so. I love that so much of what I used to do that, I think, is that there is not a lot that I like in that way you can stop it.”

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