Is ‘Woke’ Hypocrisy on the Rise?

It’s quite difficult to take a faction or group of people seriously when they openly contradict themselves. The ‘woke’ crowd preaches tolerance and inclusivity, but they clearly don’t practice it. If your views, opinions, or ideologies don’t align with theirs, they insist on ‘cancelling’ you. Does anyone else see the irony here?

Paul Rekker from Brampton points out that they are horribly sanctimonious as well. The upside is there is finally some pushback against this nonsense.

Convenient Service at Staples vs. Mom and Pop Stores

Bonnie Crombie suggested that the government should have put ServiceOntario into mom and pop stores instead of Staples, which is American-owned. However, Sandra Marsh from Toronto shares her positive experience at Staples for her health card. The store was well-run, spacious, and had lots of seating, making it a convenient and pleasant experience. She hopes the government decides to keep it in Staples for the sake of convenience.

The Carbon Tax Debate: Tax Credits vs. Rebates

If, as the Liberals claim, most Canadians end up with more money due to the carbon tax rebates, why doesn’t the government give us all a tax credit or deduction when we file our taxes? John Marshall from Toronto raises this question, suggesting that it would eliminate the labor and administrative costs of implementing rebates. Marshall argues that the carbon tax rebates are simply a useless public sector job creation program and a tax grab strategy. Instead of focusing on major issues like crime and inflation, politicians are more interested in finding new ways to tax the citizens. The Trudeau Liberals seem to prioritize expanding the government rather than reducing its size.