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The president of the Union of Breeders of fighting Bulls, is Antonio Banuelos , has sent a letter to the minister for the Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera, in which you ask to attend to the livestock of bravo who take care of the rural areas of our country and those who retain a native breed unique, and a natural space of great value environmentally.

Likewise, the farmers celebrated this year the motto of the international day was the biodiversity as the toro bravo is one of the best defenders of the same. Antonio Banuelos reminds the minister that it is precisely the past year, the institution livestock moved to central hallways of the European Parliament an exhibition under the title “Toro bravo, guardian of biodiversity” .

In the letter, the president of the UCTL makes reference to the dramatic situation by which is crossing the field bravo, and for that reason stated for the record that “we hope the various Authorities to implement the necessary measures to ensure that our men and women in the field do not abandon your work, for payments for environmental services be applied directly to our people in the field as they generate a service to society that until now has never been, nor paid much less considered”.