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“New forms of work and their impact on the business”. When last October the jury of the Awards Morgan Phillips-ABC to the Human Resources directorate decided on the theme for its THIRTEENTH edition, I could not even imagine what today was going to be his proposal a few months later. The health emergency has forced to accelerate these novel pathways that transit through the flexibility, new forms of leadership and the empowerment of the teams.

A change in gait, whose car had already been added to many companies, as evidenced by the finalists of an announcement that this Thursday, he met their winners in an online event presented by the deputy director of the ABC, Yolanda Gomez. is Arancha Torres , vice president-Human Resource management, Capgemini, was the winner in the category of over 2,500 employees with the project “Capgemini People Experience”. is Rocio Bustos , People & Organization Director at Novo Nordisk, was chosen in the category of less than 2500 employees with “New ways of working in business teams”.

Fernando Guijarro , managing director of Morgan Philips, Talent Consulting, I recognized that the theme of this year “is more alive than ever.” “The delivery of these awards was provided in the classroom three months ago. In this time we have been a part of the largest experiment in regards to the new ways of working.

We have been involved in a tremendous change, professionally and on a personal . We have had time to reflect and to travel in a world of philosophical between hedonism and stoicism. And these reflections have been transferred to the world of work”, explained the manager of the consulting firm.

Priorities and needs

The safety, simplification, agility in responses, work smart, and flexible, communication, emotional well-being, the “upskilling” and the RSC are the priorities that Morgan Philips has detected between your customers after this reflection, says Pebble. A roadmap that already show up in the projects to the contest. And in the combination set of three key concepts are essential: technology, leadership and focus on people . “Technology is generating new habits in the society (immediate access to information, instant communication and continuous…) and we saw that there was a gap between how we conducted, and what demands this new society, and started the journey to close it four years ago,” explained Arancha Torres (Capgemini). From that trip emerged a new paradigm of work : “there is no longer a work space defined, we have broken that concept. There is a shared space where each one can choose where to perform their work in function of the needs that go taking”. is More flexibility and hierarchies less rail . “We’ve moved toward a model much more flat, where we organize ourselves in communities and work in a very collaborative,” added Torres.

Strategies to move towards organizations that are more agile and dynamic . “We wanted each sales team to work with that feeling of having your own startup, being part of something and feel that you can make decisions because you’re really empowered. Was a new spin to tackle a real cultural change that has spread to the entire organization,” said Bustos (Novo Nordisk).

Turns of the wheel that need to leadership strong and committed . “You have courage, determination and clear ideas to move and transform an organization”, he stressed in his conversation with the winners the president of the jury, Ignacio Orué , director general, People, Communications and Institutional Relations of Orange. A leadership that is also collective. “Our plan is holistic, ambitious, and also very concrete: an organization as lean as possible, leadership, in all and each one of the individuals in the organization, behaviors that are anchored to the reality of our customers and their patients,” emphasized Busts.

In short, any innovative initiative can be consolidated and make an impact right if it does not put people at the centre . “With the experience that I am gaining day-to-day I have discovered that we can have the best products and the best programs, but without the correct implementation, without involving the people, because in the end it fails”, recalled José María Galofré , ceo of Volvo Spain, entity that is sponsoring the award.

“beyond your work for efficiency, we are grateful to the leaders of RR.HH. that direction towards the improvement of the experience of the employee, to care for, and more in these serious situations where it is necessary to show the heart of the company,” agreed Jorge Moya , vice president Iberia & Latam Go Fluent, also the sponsor of the contest. is A company is not strong without the foundation of a good team . “In the current times it has been shown that having the right people in the companies is, if anything, more important than ever,” said Alexis de Breteville , deputy CEO of Morgan Philips Group, at the close of the event. As recalled Alfredo Santos , managing director of Morgan Philips Executive Search and Fyte, now it has special significance the purpose of this company: “Connecting talent, together, building a better world of work”.

Lessons learned

A talent connected that has been put to the test by an unusual situation, that has left several lessons to the departments of RR.HH. , as highlighted in the finalists of this edition. “We need to evolve into a leadership much more humanistic and inclusive, where diversity and the empowerment of teams will be critical to success.

we Must invest in enhancing the digital skills of our employees, the resilience and creativity . The well-being and health becomes even more relevant in this new context”, stresses Nieves Castro , HR & Corporate Affaires Director of Arriva.

to Keep alive the flame of union and commitment with the greater part of the templates, working remotely has been an essential task in these months. “The work teams have been impacted asymmetrically, which made necessary a reorganization of resources to have a extra support where necessary. Accompany the employees in this scenario so unusual has been one of our main objectives,” remarks Belen Moreu , director of Human Resources of PepsiCo Southwest Europe.

“we have Always given a relevance capital to the emotional connection among all our people, and now has acquired greater importance. is In times of crisis it is more necessary than ever the closeness between the teams “, it also highlights Juan Sanchez , VP HR Iberia DHL Supply Chain. “We have seen that having an organizational culture, to live has led us to the nearness, recognition and appreciation individual and collective, where we have sense of Family,” adds Cecilia Coll , responsible People with Values of Quinton.

About the future of a telework landed in emergency in our lives, no doubt here to stay. “I hope that we do not go backwards after the progress made these months. Flexibility in the workplace is key, and any regulation of telework must take into account that we can not go against the future.

In any case, the flexibility is not to move the house to the office, is to work in the environment that is best suited to what you do in that moment “, exposes Arantxa Torres (Capgemni). Rocío Bustos agrees that “they have broken the barriers, but do not forget that it has been able to telework at the rate that it has been done because there was already a cohesion pre-computers”.