In the family of 12 noon shots, I ask for the undisputed and indisputable master. October 5, 2021 marked the King’s last appearance on the show. Indeed, after 252 days of good and loyal service, Bruno Hourcade bid farewell to his throne as noon master, to a moved Jean-Luc Reichmann and above all to the viewers of TF1, also upset.

Some time later, the one who accumulated no less than 1.2 million euros in earnings during his reign returned for one or more special broadcasts. This week, in this case, the smile and the culture of Bruno gave a certain nostalgia to the viewers of the show, on the occasion of the special week dedicated to the best champions.

Smiling, but sensitive. This could be the perfect description of this candidate with the look of a discreet intellectual, who knew how to give new impetus to his life as a millionaire after his elimination. As he explains for Le Parisien, his daily life has not changed much, even if his exceptional gains are associated with him.

Always in simplicity, Bruno Hourcade admits having stored his many gifts at the family home. To make some space, he declares that his mother and stepfather are improvising dealers. Obviously, he still kept some of these gifts like this Samsung tablet “that he continues to carry with him”.

In addition, at the end of his dynasty, “I was approached to participate in the second season of the Fifty (reality TV competition in which fifty candidates from various programs compete on various games) on W9, reveals he for the daily “But, even if I listened to what they told me, I preferred to decline, because I would be a very bad participant for them… I do not run after television.”

Discover without further delay in our slideshow, the new life of Bruno, made up and down, as he confides in his interview for Le Parisien.